What can I do for you?

Services for Companies: Branding and Sales

"I can help you raise the bar for your business' commerce by improving sales and developing your brand"  

  • Direct Sales projects, including:
    Deal making and contracting for Nautical Industries, Automotive Industries, Retail and Hospitality Commerce, Banking;
  • Providing hands-on Commercial Services and Sales Execution on a project or interim basis
  • Optimizing your Sales Funnel by lead generation
  • Improving turn-over by Database Refreshing and Campaign Design 
  • Design of your Sales Event and Client Incentives
  • Turn-over from client contact and client visits by programming of trade shows, after-sales, client loyalty
  • Follow-up from Sales Events and Direct Sales, incl. Client Satissfaction and CRM
  • Set up of high quality Client - Market Research to further your companies growth
  • Qualitative insights from targeted mystery shopping
    Results: my Direct Sales activities bring your company sales, commerce and client satisfaction throughout the customer journey
  • Commercial Brand Development projects, including:
    Nautical Brand Strategies, Automotive Brand Strategies, Retail and Hospitality Branding, Branding for Technical Industries;
  • Providing content for the Branding Strategy for your company and individual staff members 
  • Developing Brand-Client Interactions and Brand-Contact Moments for your company and assist with implementation
  • Providing branded content for your Digital Sales - and Client Application
  • Providing a Trend Overview of trending topics and brand experiences for the commercial development of your brand in your industry
  • Assist with the further realization of new services and - products derived from your chosen brand strategy
  • Create brand- and commercial concepts from packaging to interior design for stores, hospitality and other sales occassions 
    Results: Commercial Brand Development brings your company commerce from a best brand reputation, higher margins and creates goodwill

Services for Private Clients: Yacht Search 

  • Personalized yacht search for those clients who desire a leisure yacht (from 40 meter plus), in collaboration with selected expert advisors
    and personalized to their wishes
  • Assist in the purchasing process for clients who desire a luxury yacht, customized in full detail to the wishes of the client
    Results: clear, personalized choice options show you your dream yacht with my expert advice leading to a best-buy position for you as the client

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