I write this letter in recommendation of Nathalie Jager as a contractor for a research project at Feadship. I had the pleasure of working with Nathalie Jager on a Commercial Brand Strategy research project for our clients. I can recommend Nathalie Jager highly and without reservation. She has proven to be a creative, thorough but above all a dedicated consummate professional. She was accurate in her initial assessment of the scale and cost of our project. The format she created for us is a solid foundation to build a future case upon. In our language, we would say: a job well done.


Nathalie is an outstanding communication professional, both strategically and operationally. Her international mindset and intercultural competences, language abilities, flawless presentation, creativity, ability to analyze and understand the target audience and her goal-oriented personality are a few of many qualities that enabled her to achieve every goal we asked for. Beyond that, her personality made our cooperation a joy.


Nathalie took up the challenge to organize and accompany a corporate anniversary trip to Spain and a farewell trip to Italy for our Supervisory Board. She proved to be a reliable and dedicated organizer as well as a charming and efficient hostess. Nathalie's strength is that she has an eye for detail that matches the required level of service. She carried out her activities behind the scenes and out of sight which left us all wondering how on earth everything was executed as smoothly as it was. First class!


I have worked with Nathalie in the past and we still cooperate regularly on various sales and marketing related projects. She is 100% reliable, accountable and extremely focused on the tasks at hand. Reliability as well as accountability are attributes I value particularly in Nathalie. Her friendliness and kindness compliment her skills; it is truly great to work with her.


Nathalie's participation during our international customer events was of great value to our sales and marketing activities. She is always proactively involved, a great relationship builder and a real 'door opener' with her extensive language skills and her creative personality.