About Nathalie Jager

Dutch-born Nathalie is a self-made entrepreneur and independently working sales & brand executive.
She managed to grow her client incentive agency that she established at the age of 20, despite setbacks and from only a €1500 loan. Nathalie travelled for her agency work, doing parallel her university studies and working thereafter in various international sales positions. She now uses her experiences to help companies with their commercial development and she helps private clients from her passion for interior design & her knowledge of Yachts.

Nathalie helps companies and private clients.
With her vibrant personality and being a creative thinker with a keen eye on commercial strategies and lifestyle trends, Nathalie became an experienced commercial manager and trusted client relationship lady. It made her persistently to be in a company's top 3 position for direct sales to diverse client types such as high-end cosmopolitan clients, automotive dealers and supply chain directors. 
Moreover, Nathalie has the capacity and talent to understand complex products and services and typically dives in-depth into a market to signal the right approach, pitch and network to source clients. Nathalie works worldwide and is known to improve commerce and to create brand value she as her recommendations show.

Nathalie's personal interests include finding and creating private clients' a home on land or at sea. Being from a family of naval captains and doctors, she grew up on a motor yacht and became intensively known with the premium (super) yacht market. With her network of specialists - incl. yacht engineers, naval architects, expert lawyers - and her updated market knowledge she now directs pro-actively and critically the search process to find her clients exactly the yacht they wish and realizes them a best-buy position for the yacht of their selection.

Nathalie's has an MBA from SDA Bocconi, Italy and Istituto d’Empresa, Spain and has studied Chemistry / Pharmaceutical Sciences in The Netherlands. Registered as Communication Trainer and Coach, a Green Belt for Lean and numerous retail- and interior design courses, Nathalie believes in constant learning and working from passion. 
When she is not travelling the world for her work, Nathalie can be found near the sea or scouting trending cities for new interior design, forgotten jewelry that she renovates or (re)styling her studio appartment or the homes of her friends. 

Nathalie's speaks Dutch, English, Italian, French, German, Spanish.

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Images: Nathalie is experienced in Property Search & Yacht Search and Business Development assignments.